Best Weight Loss Pills Reviewed

It’s 2014 Babyyy!!!! You know what that means…It’s OFFICIALLY THE FUTURE…Want to also know what the means? WEIGHT LOSS PILLS WORK.

In this article you’re going to find our top picks for these pills and what types of results people are seeing with them. We have many individual reviews for each pill. We will also be ALWAYS adding things to this list. Our reviews are always constantly ongoing.

How Did we get this list?

  1. Looked and compiled all relevant reviews for the pill.
  2. Tried out the pill for ourselves to see what all the fuss is about!

Our Top 3 Picks

1) Phentramin-D

Our clear cut #1 by a longshot. Phentramin-D has a PROVEN track record of showing people results. It is a pill that is made for people who cannot get a prescription for the incredibly powerful weight loss medicaiton, Phentermine.

The reason it is #1 in our books is because of the positive overall reviews from the public, as well our success with it. Many people see results from it thanks to it doing such a good job suppressing your appetite. Since it suppresses appetite so well for many people they are able to eat less and lose weight without going on some crazy weight loss diet. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not the end all cure…there is none! However, it does seem to work better than all the others.

Check out our review for Phentramin-D

2) Garcinia Cambogia

This is the most popular one currently. So many people around the world are looking and trying this. The reason is is because it has gotten a lot of hype on national television shows as well as blogs. For starters Dr. Oz featured it as one of the best weight-loss products that you can get. So when you have a recommendation in the backing like that it really stirs up a lot of hype. The reviews are mixed and so are our contributors opinions on the pill.

3) Phen-375

Another phentermine type pill that is non-prescription. Phen 375 has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Some people rave about it while others say it made them feel awful and it didn’t work at all for them. As for us, we noticed it do an OK job at suppressing appetite and pretty much nothing else. Nonetheless, it did work…just not as well as Phentramin-D.

Complete Scams to Stay Away From

Gosh! Can you believe it?! There are still weight loss scams that are hitting the internet and not showing people any results at all. It’s a shame, but we don’t make this crap up unfortunately.

1) Ace Diet Pills Version 2

The new production of ace diet pills is showing many people poor results. In fact, we can’t find one positive review on it other than from people’s websites who are resellers of the product. They will defend this product to the death too! The reason being is that they make a nice commission if you purchase from them. The first version of this pill was a lot better, however you really need to stay away from the new version.

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