Complete List of Customer Reviews for Phentramin-D + Our Take!

One weight loss pill that is flying under the radar indefinitely is Phentramin-D.

The pill is made by a company called Lazarus Labs. Essentially it is a replica of the popular weight loss prescription medication, Phentermine. The problem with Phentermine is that it is prescription and majority of people do not quality for it. The only people who quality for it are those who are obese. That is how powerful the medication is; Phentramin-D is supposed to be able to recreate that power. You do not need a prescription for it.

The Ingredients

The Benefits

There’re quite a few benefits that you’re going to get from taking this pill. The most important one is that it’s going to suppress your appetite. This is incredibly beneficial because when your appetite is suppressed, I’m not feeling hungry. When you’re not feeling hungry you’re not going to eat. Since you’re not going to be eating, you will be able to lose weight in turn.

It is that you’re going to see an increase in energy. So rather than feeling like you’re too tired to go do anything, you will be left wanting to go do more activities.

Our Thoughts

There’s really one thing that says this pill apart from all the other ones. All the other ones come at you saying that they’re going to increase your metabolism by so-and-so percentage. They also say that this pill is going to be able to burn fat instantly. However with this one, it’s really focused on suppressing appetite and give you a boost of energy. When we took the pill, we ended up having our appetite is suppressed. We’re pleasantly surprised to not feel that hungry when lunchtime started to come about. We were surprised because most of the pills that we usually try are completely fake and don’t work at all. However, because this pill was able to suppress our appetite, we feel it is legit and worth taking a look at.

A couple things to note though is that Jeremy did get a little bit of a headache when taking it the first couple of days. I reported no signs of headaches, as well as Michelle. All of us felt the appetite suppression. So get ready to throw away those weight loss diets! Jeremy felt no increase in energy – maybe thanks to the headache. I did not feel an increase an energy – I literally had no food. Michelle found an increase an energy however. So it looks like it depends on you and depends on what you eat.

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Other People’s Reviews From Around the Web

We went around the Internet and decided to compiling bunch of different reviews of people talking about the product. It seems that many people are having positive results with it. Many people are reporting the exact same things we are. We’ve screenshotted as well as linked to the reviews for you to check them out. They are all from forums, not people’s website like,…lol it’s like no duh they are going to say it works and same with the people who sell it to you!

She says in one of the comments…

phen d comment

Where to Get It

There’s only one place to get Phentramin-D and that’s from Lazarus Labs.

Click here to go to Lazarus Labs and check it out!


Overall, relatively happy with the product so far. We have only taken it for a few days so we will be sure to keep updating this page as time progresses.

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