Ace Diet Pills: Official Customer Reviews From Around the Web

Ace Diet Pills are one of the more popular weight loss pills that are currently on the market. They have quite a big following and lots of people are looking to find out more information about them. Hopefully this article will help you out.

Note**We’re by no means endorsing any of the products that we put on this website. We are merely giving you an objective and informative resource for your research on products.


The pills are made from a company called Saba and basically puts together all of the popular ketones and extracts that are meant for weight loss into one pill. Just check out the ingredients. I am sure that you have heard of a lot of them as they are all pretty popular.

Raspberry ketone, green coffee bean extract, saffrron exrtract, konjac root extract, and garcinia cambogia extract.

You’re supposed to get quite a few benefits from using the product. You are supposed to gain a lot of energy because of the caffeine associated with the green coffee tea. Furthermore, with the ingredients, Saba says that you’ll be able to burn a lot more fat because of metabolic activators going to work. Additionally, the ketones are meant for fat burning and increase mood.

Alleged Major Benefits Quick List

-All Natural

-Suppress Your Appetite

-More Energy

-Increased fat burning

-Increased mood

Customer Thoughts

There’s A LOT of chatter going on about this product. When taking a look at this product through Google search you can tell that people are asking a lot of questions about it. The pictures and customer reviews all come from health forums. So these are real people talking about it.

You’re going to of course find many mixed reviews on it. Many people say that it does work, but not to the extent that it might be marketed as. Many people claim that it “isn’t a miracle pill” for weight loss4 and that you’re going to have to put in some hard work to get off the weight.

They are also saying that it did curb/suppress people’s appetite.


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However, many people who are well informed about diet pills and have taken them claim that it is a complete scam and MARKETING SHAM.


People are saying that the first version of the pills worked; however, the current version (the black bottle version) does not work as well.

customer 2

Basically there was a drug called DMAA in the old Ace. However, it was recently banned in the United States due to deaths. Therefore, it is no longer in any dietary supplements on the market. With that said, it seems like the new ones aren’t as effective because of it.

What to Watch Out For

It took us quite a while to come to the conclusion that these pills actually have helped people. The reason being is that there’s a lot of BS to sift through on the Internet thanks to how Ace Diet Pills has set up their sales program. Basically the only way to get these pills is from a distributor/supplier. These are everyday people who are selling and shipping the pills from their home. It’s not like you go to the company and buy the pills.

For this reason, you need to be skeptical when someone is saying that it’s working and they’re the ones selling it to you. With Ace, this is how it is. It’s like of course they are going to say it works when they make money if they sell you one.

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