How Can I Lose 90 Pounds in 4 Months? Actually Possible?

There’s really no guide for how you can lose 90 pounds in four months… Reason being is that it is next to impossible.

That is asking yourself to lose over 20 pounds a month. That is literally impossible.

When you’re losing weight you need to go at a steady rate. You can’t just lose a bunch of weight really fast. And in 90 pounds in four months is considered fast.

The only people that have a chance of the school are those two are significantly overweight. If you’re someone who is 300+ pounds overweight, then you might have a shot at this goal.

If you’re someone who is 100 pounds overweight thing you have absolutely no chance.

A more appropriate goals have would be 90 pounds in 10-12 months. The reason being is that you’re going to be able to lose doubt about away each month to get you there. Also call me you’re not going to regain the weight. If you lose weight too fast that you are much more susceptible to being that weight back on.

What to Do

You need to make a lifestyle change. Two changes within that lifestyle change are eating healthy and working out. By eating healthy and working out you’re going to be able to lose the weight. Absolutely do not use any diet pills under circumstances. To Make sure that you’re losing this weight naturally.

When you are lose weight naturally then you’re going to be able to keep it off and continue to keep off that weight.

The major change that you need to make in your diet is to stop eating a lot of the crap that you’re eating did day basis. You should change your diet immediately and only stick to the following foods: white meats, seafoods, fruits, veggies, and salads.

Only consuming those foods going to give you a huge advantage to trying to achieve your goal. These foods have very minimal how reason and fact. Are great for losing weight and if you’re only eating these foods you’re going to be seeing some incredibly quick and good results.

As for working out you’re going to want have a program that consists of a little bit of cardio and some strength training. You don’t want to just do all cardio are all just strength training, but rather have a combination too. This could be something like 20 or 30 minutes a day of running or walking or riding the bicycle, etc.. Then followed up by some basic weightlifting.

A Helpful Guide

Just recently we polled the community and asked them what they thought the Best weight loss guide is. The guy they voted is called Venus factor. They were also kind enough to submit their success stories with the program. They have some amazing weight loss transformations that you can see by clicking here. That page will give you the full rundown of everything.