How Can I Lose 80 Pounds in 3 Months? I’ve Got Bad News for You

It’s going to be very difficult to lose 80 pounds in 3 months. And by very difficult I mean that’s pretty much going to be impossible. You’re going to need to lose more than 25 pounds each month in order to meet your goal. Weight loss experts and doctors say that you shouldn’t lose more than 8 pounds maximum in one month. Sued to almost triple that number and lose 25 pounds in a month is just absolutely ridiculous.

The only people who are going to be able to meet his goal are those two are 300 pounds overweight. The logic goes that the more overweight you are, the easier it is going to be for you lose weight. So someone who is 350 pounds overweight is going to lose 80 pound easier than someone who is 100 pounds overweight. Closer that you are too healthier weight, the harder it is going to be to lose weight.

Now you probably need to picking more realistic goal. I would recommend somewhere between nine and 12 months. You should be able to get the job done during that timeframe. Of course, as mentioned above really just all comes down to how overweight you are.

Following the information below I think should drastically help you get started.

The first thing that you need to focus on is your nutrition. You’re probably not eating very healthy so I’m going to recommend that you only stick to these foods. These foods are known to have low calories and low fat, which will allow you to naturally lose weight. The food that you should only be eating our salads, fruits, vegetables, White meats, and seafood. Only eating these I promise you that you’re going to be able to lose weight.

You need to get in check is your workout plan. You’ll be able to lose weight just by eating healthy, but if you really want to meet your goal and get fast results then you’re going to want to work out. Some sort of program that combines cardio and strength training. A typical day of working out should be 30 minutes of cardio on a bicycle or walking or running. Followed by 30 minutes of strength training. This could be done with weights or with a resistance band.

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