How Can I Lose 80 Pounds in 1 Year?

On this page I’m a tell you how you can lose 80 pounds in one year relatively fast and naturally. Don’t need to take any diet pills or anything like that. You just need some good old-fashioned hard work and commitment.

I really like the goal of 12 months to lose 80 pounds because you are going to be able to keep off the weight after you lose the 80 pounds. The big problem with many of the people who come to our website is that they think you can lose 80 pounds in a couple months… Went realistically pretty much no one can do that.

In order to meet your goal you’re going two need to make a big change to your diet. Now I don’t want you to just go on a diet for a year I want you to make a permanent change. Because if there’s something that we preach here I’m real fitness talk it is change. No we are not present Obama but we do preach for a lifestyle change because that is going to allow you to get down to a healthy weight and then continue to stay at that healthy weight.

As of right now I would analyze your own diet. I would decide which foods I’ve been eating healthy and which ones I haven’t. I would then eliminate the ones that are unhealthy. I would also then incorporate all of the following foods. If you even wanted to you could strictly stick to only needs food enter going to see even more insane results.

The foods are salads, fruits, vegetables, rice, seafood, and white meat.

Know that your nutrition is on fleek. We got to talk about working out. Now if you’re just eating healthier get any able to lose weight without even going to work out. However, I strongly recommend working out because it’s get you even better results and you’ll probably lose it faster then within a year.

I could seriously write a full one book about a workout program. But what she need to know if some starter information. You will want to do a bit of cardio in a bit of strength training. I would do probably about 25 to 35 minutes a day of cardio. This could be running or bicycling or walking or any type of Robeks. Anything that is going to get you moving and sweating. The next thing I recommend is about 25 or 30 minutes of strength training. This is where you’d be lifting weights or working with resistance bands.

Following information above you should be able to meet your goal within a year. However, if you want some more guidance I would recommend checking out a program called Venus factor. This is going to give you an exact workout regimen and diet to follow (a little similar to above but different). I’m recommending this because so many of the readers have had success with this program. If you want to see our reader’s weight loss transformations then click here to see their results with it.