How Can I Lose 60 Pounds in 3 Months? A Rather Difficult Task

On this page we’ll examine how to lose 60 pounds in 3 months. I’ll examine first, whether or not it’s actually possible.

First and foremost, I’m really glad that you’re doing some research about how much weight you should be losing a certain amount of time.

The bad news though, is that we 60 pounds in roughly 3 months is something that is really difficult to do.

In fact, most the people that are reading this page aren’t going to be able to lose that I’m out of weight.

The reason being is that it is a lot of weight to lose in a limited amount of time.

The only people who are really going to be able to lose this weight are those who are 255+ pounds overweight.

The reason that people who are that overweight could lose this amount is because it is easier to lose weight when you are further away from a healthy way.

So on the flipside, if you were only 75 pounds overweight and you needed to leave 60 it’s going to be a lot tougher to lose 60 then the person whose 255 pounds overweight.–u7weyck

What’s a Realistic Goal?

If you want a realistic goal I would recommend losing 60 pounds in anywhere from 6 to 12 months time. The reason that I recommend this area is because you’re going to be up to lose the weight and keep it off.

Too often to many people will lose a bunch of weight really quickly but then they just can’t keep it off because you can’t keep starving yourself.

So it’s better to just lose the weight over a steady.

Time because in the end you’re going to be able to keep it off.

EXACT Gameplan to Implement

1) Eating Habit Change

The biggest thing that you can do to lose weight is eating healthy. When you’re eating healthy then you’re going to naturally be able to list way because you’re putting less calories in your body then you typically would. Now a notice, that I’m not saying going to diet. You need to change your eating habits for the better. This way that you can actually lose weight over time and then continue to keep those pounds off.

Eat these foods only: Rice, Beans, Veggies, Salads, Fruits, Chicken, and Fish

2) Workout Program!

You need a workout program. When you combine working out eating healthy you’re going to get some neat seeing results. You’re going to lose weight faster and you’re going to be able to sculpt your body. You’ll want to do a combination of cardio and strength training. I would recommend doing about 30 minutes of cardio every single day and then followed by 20 to 30 minutes worth of strength or resistance bands training.

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