How Can I Lose 60 Pounds in a Month? Here’s the Method I’d Take

This page will show you how to lose 60 pounds in a month. It’s pretty much impossible to do it naturally unless you’re very overweight.

I’ve got some unfortunate news for you, losing 60 pounds in just one month is going to be almost impossible. The only way you are going to be able to accomplish this goal is if you are significantly over weight by like 250+ pounds.

If you are 100 pounds overweight, there’s pretty much no way to lose 60 pounds in a month. If you fall into this category, losing 60 pounds is much better suited over 6-12 months.

There’s a couple major reasons you want to lose weight slowly.

1) You will be able to keep the weight off

2) You don’t starve yourself. When you’re starving yourself you feel like crap and lack a lot of energy. You obviously don’t want to be walking around all lethargic.

What You Need

1) A lifestyle change

What you really need is a lifestyle change. This isn’t just going on some simple diet for a couple of months to lose weight. I want you to aluminate the word diet and start replacing it with ice style change. You need to start living healthier and living healthier means putting healthy food into your body as well as working out.

Losing 60 pounds is a good amount of weight to lose. You will need to eat much healthier in order to accomplish this. Eating healthy is the key to losing weight. It is more effective than just working out.

I strongly recommend only sticking to the following foods so that you can see maximum results.

The foods are white meat, seafood, salad, vegetables, fruit.Using only needs foods they are great because they have very little calories and they are low in fat.

2) Stop Overeating

One recommendation I also have a stopover eating. It’s really difficult overeat with the following foods above. But you need to realize that you still can. You can eliminate this problem just by eating a little bit more slowly. The slow eating gives your stomach time to react and tell your body that it isn’t as hungry as it once was. What’s her stomach is content then you should stop me.

3) A Workout Schedule

You might be thinking you want to do just cardio, but a good combination of cardio and resistance/strength training can really do you a lot of good when it comes to sculpting your body. A post about this could literally be a whole book on how you should approach this. For example though,  typical day for you could be 30 minutes of bicycling and then 30 minutes of resistance band training.

4) To stay Committed

Commitment is often times the most difficult thing. If you’re not committed then you are not going to be able to make your goal. You need to find a way to stay motivated so that you can stay committed and keep losing weight.

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