How Can I Lose 50 pounds in a Month? A Potentially Realistic Goal

I’ve got some potentially bad news for you…How to lose 50 pounds in 1 month is very difficult. Majority of people are not going to be able to meet this goal.

In fact, the only people who are going to lose weight are people who are significantly overweight by 200 or 300+ pounds.

The more overweight at you are it is usually easier for you to lose weight

. So if you are someone who is only 55 pounds overweight or 70 pounds overweight… Been losing 50 pounds a month is going to be very difficult.

On the flipside someone who is over 250 pounds could potentially actually meet goal of losing 50 pounds in just one month.

Regardless it is still going to be really difficult. You really have to change your diet and essentially not eat much at all.

If you follow the advice below I promise you that you’re going to see some good results. It is probably a lot more realistic to push your goal of 50 pounds back a couple of months.

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1) Eat Healthy

If you’re eating healthy you’re going to see a lot of good results. You really need to stop eating a lot of the crap– you have any day in and day out that has gone overweight. If you change your diet this is the number one way to be able to lose weight naturally without ever having to go and workout. This is how much your diet means to losing weight. If you want a strict diet and I highly recommend you only do white meats, rice, beans, salads, fruits and vegetables.

2) Working Out

I mentioned above that you can actually lose weight without working out. However I strongly recommend that you do workout so that you can meet your goal faster. You’re also going to start feeling a lot better from working out. I strongly recommend only sticking to cardio exercises. Cardio is known to be the best for weight loss. This is anything from bicycling to running or walking. We like to bicycle and do it for about 30 or 45 minutes each and everyday.

3) The Commitment Can Be Tough

Losing this amount of weight is tough. Artie said that countless times wrote this article. So the biggest thing for you is the actually stay committed to eating healthy and working out so that you can meet the goal. Now you’re going to need to motivate yourself. If you don’t then you’re going to find yourself hopping off the wagon and not getting to your goal.

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