How Can I lose 40 pounds in 1 Week? Is it Actually Possible? Or Nahhh?

Guys…Are you crazy? 40 pounds in 1 week is really difficult. It is possible but the only reason it is possible is if you are significantly overweight.

For example, there is a show called the Biggest Loser and on that show the contestants in the show lose 35+ pounds in the first week. So yes it is possible. The thing is East contestants are overweight.

As I mentioned above this is what it is going to come down to. The more overweight you are the easier it is to typically lose weight. So if you are only 40 pounds overweight then it is going to be harder for you to accomplish.

A Healthy Weight Loss

Having a healthy weight loss is very important. Basically because you don’t want to undergo all this weight loss and then only to regain the weight. Furthermore, if you are losing more than a couple of pounds per week you are really going to be having to starve yourself pretty much. This can often times leave you feeling very lethargic and unmotivated to do much. This is why all of the weight loss experts and doctors recommend losing anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds per week.

My recommendation is that you could go a little bit over that and still be able to keep the weight off and do not feel like you’re starving yourself. I’m going to tell you how to do this just below.

My Guide

When I am looking to lose weight to the steps I take. Depending upon how much weight that I’m looking to lose I will alter the intensity of the recommendations that I talk about below.

1) Eat Healthy is A Must

You have to eat healthy! You can’t lose a good amount of weight without eating healthy. I like to stick to white beets, salads, fruits, vegetables strictly. East is going to give you the best results possible because these foods are very low in calories while at the same time being able to fill you up.

Your diet is the most important part of the weight loss process. This is what’s going to make or break whether or not you can actually lose weight.

2) Working Out

Depending upon how far you go with your diet, you may or may not have to work out. If you are on a strict diet and you aren’t feeling that great then obviously don’t go and work out. But if you do work out, it is going to help you get better results. We recommend doing cardio exercises because that is more geared towards weight loss. These are exercises such as running, walking, political, or riding the bicycle. Doing knees for about 30 to 45 minutes every single day can really help you get better results.

Results Almost Guaranteed?

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