How Can I lose 40 pounds in 1 Month? Real Talk From Us!

I’m just going to flat out tell you that losing 40 pounds in a month is usually really difficult. What it comes down to is how overweight you are. If you are 100+ pounds overweight you could possibly lose 40 pounds a month. If you’re someone who is only 45 pounds overweight and losing 40 pounds in a month is going to be a lot more difficult.

I will say this though, that on both accounts it is doable. If you are only 40 pounds overweight though, I don’t necessarily recommend you doing this much weight loss a month. A healthy weight loss of the month should be more like 10 or 15 pounds maximum.

What Your Need to Do

  • Cut the Crap Food
    • You need to start eating more healthy. This means eliminating all of that crappy food that you’ve probably been eating out of your diet. To lose this amount of weight in a month you have to drastically change your diet. If you stick to the following for food I promise you that you’re going to see tremendous results. These foods are white meats, fruits, vegetables, and salad. Ill have to put a little bit of effort into these foods because you have to prepare them.  However, if you want to see changes this is very necessary.
  • Solve Overeating
    • One of the biggest issues that people have is overheating. If you’re sticking to the ball bed it is quite difficult to actually overheat. But, you’re still going to want to make sure that you’re only eating until your stomach is content. Housing you do this? Well, you can eat slowly. Eating slowly will give your stomach time to react.
  • Doing Cardio
    • You will also want to do a little bit of cardio throughout this month. You’re probably not going to be able to do too much working out because of the diet. However, you will want to at least try to do some cardio. These types of exercises are walking, running, biking, or the elliptical. Doing five times a week for about 30 minutes can really help shave your body and help you trim weight faster.
  • Commitment
    • You are going to need to really evaluate your commitment to the program. Most people will start to eat healthy for a couple days and then just go back to their old ways. She really wanted to make sure that you’re staying motivated and committed. You can do this by getting a coach or thinking about how much better you’re going to look once you complete your weight-loss transformation.

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