How Can I lose 30 Pounds in 6 Weeks? A Good Goal to Have?

how to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks

Just below you’re going to be able to find out how to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks.

Good news for you, you should be able to come close to hitting this goal.

It’s a Good Goal to Have

Losing 30 pounds in six weeks is a really good goal to have.

The reason being is that regardless of how overweight you are or if you are just about 30 pounds of weight you’re probably going to be to attain this goal in a 6 week time frame. The easier it is to get to the goal depends on how overweight you are.

How Weight Loss Works

Typically the more overweight that you are, the easier it is gonna be for you to lose weight. This is why you can see it on shows like the biggest loser people dropped 40 pounds a month. These people are considered obese and thus easier to lose weight.

Having the goal for 30 pounds in six weeks isn’t the worst in the world.

But certainly not best. You’re still going have to do quite a bit of starving yourself in order to to me this goal.

On average, you’re going to have to lose 5 pounds each week. This is about 3 pounds more than what is considered a healthy weight loss.

A healthy weight loss usually results in you’ve been able to keep off the weight whereas if you lose the way to fast, it is a lot more difficult to eat That weight off.

Losing the Weight: A Blueprint to Shed the Pounds!

1) Your Diet is The Key

The most vital part of the whole weight loss process is your diet. If you have a good diet, which means you’re eating very healthy, you’ll be able to naturally lose weight. This is great because you’re not going to need to go work out an insane amount in order to get results. Almost all of your weight loss will come from your diet. You could go work out five hours a day well keeping the same diet you currently have and you’re not going to see near as good of results if you just change your diet and didn’t work out.

You’ll want to eliminate a lot of the foods that you are currently eating. You’ll want to switch those up with fruits, vegetables, salads, and white meats. If you stick to those foods I promise you that you’re going to see some very good results. All these foods have very little calories and if you’re eliminating all the other high calorie food you’ll be able to naturally lose the weight.

2) Should You Workout?

Of course you should work out! It makes you a healthier individual and those work out live longer. At the same time though, he really didn’t want to, you don’t have to as long as you are changing your diet. If you want to see the best results then you will work out on top of eating incredibly healthy. The workouts that are correlated with weight loss are cardio workouts. You’ll want to stick to running, walking, biking, or elliptical rather than lifting a bunch of weight.


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