How Can I lose 25 Pounds in 3 Weeks? What You’ll Need to Know

So in 3 weeks your goal is to lose 25 pounds? I’m going to be completely honest with you..This is a tough feat to accomplish. It’s doable..But it’s tough.. Unless you weigh over 300 pounds and are 6 feet tall, then it’s very tough. If you’re over 300+ and under 6 feet tall, it’s much easierĀ  to lose 25 pounds in this amount of time.

Here’s why…

First and foremost, healthy weight loss is anywhere from 1-2 pounds each week. The goal you want to accomplish requires you to lose 8+ pounds per week. This is substantially higher than that number. The reason that they recommend 1-2 pounds per week for 2 reasons

1) You don’t have to starve yourself

2) You can keep the weight off once you lose it. If you lose 20+ pounds in a week or two, chances are you’re not gonna be able to keep that weight off.

Losing Your 25 Pounds Over 3 Weeks

Follow this information and you should be able to meet your goals. Again..A lot of it depends on what your current body weight is at.

1) Pretty Much Don’t Eat

If you want to hit this goal, you’re pretty much gonna need to starve yourself. I don’t suggest completely starving yourself..But just eating healthier and eating a lot less is going to make or break whether or not you hit your goal. One suggestion that helps me a lot is only eating until you’re content. You don’t want to be eating until you achieve the “full” feeling. This is bad and can be eliminated by eating slowly. The foods you should be sticking to during this time are strictly: fruits, vegetables, salads, and white meats.

2) Cardio Workouts

Your diet is going to make or break the results that you get. I suggest sticking two cardio workouts. When you do cardio news is much better results with weight loss then if you’re just go to the gym and lift weights. The cardio exercise that you can do our running, walking, bicycling, or doing the elliptical. Doing any of these exercises for 30 to 45 minutes a day can’t really help you get better results.

3) Commitment is Tough

Staying committed to be the toughest part of that process. A lot of people can’t stay committed to being able to limit your diet and on top of that work out. I can meet You very tired and thus making you want to quit. So anyway that you can be able stay motivated and committed is vital. A lot of people will get coaches or have a family member motivate them to continue working out.

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