How Can I lose 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks? The Gameplan

Congratulations! You are on your way already to losing weight. One of the first things that is good that you’re doing is looking out how exactly to do it. Hopefully this page is going to help you little bit. I have undergoing major Weight loss within my life. So I have a little bit of experience when it comes to answering these types of questions. Rest assured, if you follow the information below I promise you that you’re going to lose some weight.

The good news for you is that losing 20 pounds in 8 eight weeks is very doable. It’s over the 2 month period which means you only have to lose 2.5 pounds per week. this is very doable because it is considered in the healthy weight loss range of 1-3 pounds a week.

Losing 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks

1) Being Healthy Conscious

You need to start being a little bit more health conscious about what you’re putting into your body. You’re going to need to avoid in many food that you probably are already aware of being unhealthy for you. If you don’t know, you need to research it on the Internet. During this next two months we’ve recommend that you stick to fruits, vegetables, salad, and white are you these foods you really can’t go wrong with enjoy be able to drastically lose weight if you stick to those foods and that food only.

2) Never Over Eating

Want to make sure that you never over eat. Over eating is something that most people do deals. They will eat until they are full. Instead of eating until therefore, you need to eat only until you are content. Eating until content is much better because you are eating until your stomach is rumbling anymore.

3) Cardio Based Working Out

You won’t have to work out like crazy. But you should be working out. You want to make sure that you do cardio based exercises such as walking, running, elliptical, or biking. These are all really good weight loss exercises because they’re going to get a lot of your muscles working and sweating. Don’t workout for more than 45 minutes and only 5-6 days a week.

4) Staying Motivated

The biggest part of this whole thing is it you need to stay motivated. If you don’t get the motivation that you need to find yourself quitting. Getting’s motivation going to ensure that you are able to Carry forward with dieting and working out so that you can get the results that you want.

Get Almost Guaranteed Results

I’ve see almost guaranteed because who knows if you would actually carry out the program. But if you do, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to meet your goal. The program is called Venus Factor and it’s a diet/workout program. Loads of people have gotten results using Venus Factor. If you want to see the results people have gotten, click here.


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