How Can I lose 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks? My Guide!

So now you’re wanting to lose 20 pounds in four weeks? Well, lucky for you we have done exactly justice. I’m going to show you what you need to do to be able to achieve this goal. Now I just want to give you a warning, that it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to need to lose 5 pounds each week for a month. This is at the utmost level of what is considered a healthy weight loss. If you were to go and ask your doctor about this you would probably tell you don’t do it. I am also not a fan of it because you should be losing 1-3 pounds per week…5 is pushing it! The reason that is pushing it is because you’re going to literally need to starve yourself to be able to get these results. Furthermore, it’s hard to get these results to stick once you go off of the diet and back to a somewhat normal eating schedule, you’re bound to gain some weight back.

Nonetheless, if you follow information below going to be able to help you out. Please though, if you can Stretch out your goal buy a few more weeks, you’re going to have a lot more success in the long run.

**Quick Note: typically the more that you weight, the easier it is to lose weight. Someone who weights 275 pounds is typically going to have an easier time than someone who weights 150 pounds.

My Guide

Pretty Much Starve Yourself

As I mentioned aboveā€¦ You’re going to need to pretty much starve yourself. This means you’ll no longer be eating three meals a day. Instead, you’re going to BEA a lot of fruits, vegetables, and meal replacement drinks. I personally have a juicer so during this time I went in just juiced for two of my meals every single day. Then for my third meal I would have a chicken salad. You’re going to want to stay away from all of the unhealthy foods like junk food, fast food, candy, and soda – just to name a few.

Working Out

Losing weight mostly comes down to your diet. So I’m not huge fan of recommending you to go and workout all day at the gym…Or do 2 hours on the elliptical or something insane. For working out your village is going to do about 25 to 30 minutes each day at about a 50% effort. You don’t want to over do it because during this time while you are starving yourself you are not going to have too much energy.

Drink Lots of Water

Always be drinking water! This is huge because it’s going to help a lot with your hunger and keeping you hydrated. This is really important. Should be drinking about 15 glasses every day.

A Diet Plan to Get Results With

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