How Can I lose 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks? Here’s Some Potential Advice

Attempting to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks can be tough biz…I’m not even gonna beat around the bush because you’ll need to be committed to be able to achieve these results.

The Math

There’s a little bit of math involved here. We basically need to buy 20 pounds by three weeks so we can find out how much you need to lose each week. More or less you need to lose about 6.75 pounds per week to be able to meet your goal. This is definitely doable, but we really don’t recommended. However… Since you are looking to do this we’re still going to tell you how. The fact is, people are able to achieve this.

What to Do

Again… He’s or if you want to achieve 20 pounds in three weeks. We really don’t recommend this because healthy weight loss is getting be anywhere between 1 to 4 pounds per week. So this is a little bit above the”healthy” weight loss limit.

Eat Less..A Lot Less

Most of our advice is going to be around you eating less than you’re eating now..and a lot less. To be able to achieve the goal of 20 pounds in three weeks your calling to pretty much need to starve yourself. You’ll also need to start doing new replacement drinks. Common one is juicing. A lot of people will buy juicer or go and buy a bunch of juice for the three weeks to be able to drink. Anything that you eat you really only want to eat until you are content. Never eat until you get the full feeling.

Eat Healthy

When you do eat food, he needs to be healthy and very low calorie and low sugar. You need to eliminate all fast food, greasy food, dark meats, candy, and soda. You don’t want to be eating or drinking any of that during this time. Because it is only going to hurt you.

Light Working Out

Since most of our program revolves around you just eating last a lot less and eating healthier you’re not going to have to go absolutely crazy gym. The reason that we recommend eating less and eat healthier is because you can keep your same diet started to work out like crazy and not get the results that you’re looking for. Weight loss primarily comes from eating less and eating healthy. So in terms of working out you really just need to do a light workout. This means you can go walk, run, ride the bike, go on the elliptical for about 30 minutes every day. Just break a light sweat don’t go absolutely crazy. We recommend don’t going crazy in the gym because you are on such little food that we don’t want you passing out or feeling like crud.

An Exact Guide to Getting Results

Over thousands of people some incredible results with the weight-loss program called Venus factor. Many of these people who have gotten results are readers of this blog. Some of our readers have able to lose up to 100 pounds within a year thanks to this program. If you want to go check out the results people have gone, we have a page dedicated to this that you can check out here.

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