How Can I lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks? Here is the Answer

Losing 15 pounds in two weeks can be pretty tough. This means you’re going to have to lose about 7 1/2 pounds per week. If you are unaware, a natural healthy weight loss is somewhere between one and 2.5 pounds each week. You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that you have to lose about five more pounds than what would be considered healthy.

Know what is considered healthy? Well, it basically means that you’re not starving yourself and feeling incredibly tired all day. You want to be able to keep up your energy  so that you are able to carry out day-to-day tasks and not feel like complete crap.

However… In order to lose the weight that you’re looking to lose you’re going to have to pretty much starve yourself. I know it sounds horrible… But it really is the truth. There’s no other way around it. This isn’t good for you though and the weight is probably more than likely going to come back once you start eating again. But you can get your weight loss goal by significantly reducing the amount of food that you eat.

1) Drastically reduce your Food In Take

As for what we like to eat during when we go online diet such as this is rice, beans, fruit, and veggies only. This is all we will eat during this time. We will also only eat until we are content. Don’t be overeating until your are full.

2) Cardio Exercise

You will need to do some cardio during this time. You don’t need to workout like crazy… But you really should be doing some moderate exercise each and every day. Whether this is running, biking, or using the elliptical is up to you. You need to be out there daily doing it during this time though. This will help you with your results as well as get you any good routine of working out. We suggest doing about 30 to an hour each and every day. Don’t overdo it because you’re going to be a little bit hungry due to your reduction in food. If you are feeling well anytime… Be sure to stop.

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