How Can I lose 15 Pounds in a Week? Official Guide by RFT

15 Pounds in 1 week is your goal? Well, that is something that is very difficult to do. There’s also not really a healthy way to do it. Healthy weight loss is considered by general health practitioners to be anywhere from 1-2.5 pounds per week. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve more than that – that is just what they consider healthy. Plenty of people are still able to get results though. However, it’s going to leave you feeling very tired and hungry.

The Plan

To be able to lose this not way you’re going to want to follow our plant below. it’s not going to be easy, but this is what we have seen get these results.

1)  Pretty Much Stop Eating

You’re going to have to pretty much stopped eating. This means hi pretty much all your meals and switch over to only eating the fruit and rice. Eating fruit and rice is going to be able to fill you up just enough to not be absolutely starving. Anytime you are about to peel over and die from hunger go and prepare some rice and fruit. Only eat this is until you are feeling content. Don’t eat until you are super fall. Once your content then your meal is over.

2) Cardio Exercise

Despite probably feeling tired and hungry, you’re still gonna need to do some cardio. Cardio is the best exercise to lose weight. You can either do it by running, biking, or using an elliptical. Elliptical is going to allow you to work out longer than running. If you haven’t worked out before then don’t overdo it. Only work out for 30 or so minutes. If you’re used to working out, then then you can push it up to an hour or an hour and a half event.

We Don’t Recommend Our Plan

Now we realize that we told you how you can get results. But we don’t recommend doing it. Achieving the goal of losing 15 pounds in a week is very tough. Is also not something healthy to do. You’re going to be leaving your body not feeling good at all. Also, a lot of the weight that you lose during this week is going to easily be put back on if you start regularly again. So basically you’ll lose all the way go go through everything and then you’ll end up putting you back on again once you return to a normal eating routine.

A Helpful Program

If you want to go on a good routinely recommend you checking out the Venus Factor program. This program was voted by her readers is the most helpful weight loss program currently out there on the Internet right now. It’s going to give you a workout and diet plan is very easy to follow and get results with.

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