How Can I Lose 100 Pounds in a Week?

Guys… 100 pounds in one week is impossible. You’re just not going to be able to do it no matter how overweight you are.

Lets be realistic with your goal. It takes quite a bit of time to lose weight. More specifically, a healthy weight loss is stated to be anywhere between one and 2 pounds per week. This would put Weight loss for the month anywhere from four and 10 pounds in terms of realistic.

So if you’re 100 pounds overweight exactly and you lose 7 pounds a month it would take you 14 months. Even then that is probably somewhat of a into realistic goal. Because the closer that you are to be at a natural weight, the harder it is to weight.

A good goal for this weight loss is going to be anywhere between 10 – 16 months.

Losing 100 pounds is a lot of weight!

Lucky for you I’m going to review some of my biggest weight loss secrets below that is going to get moving in the right direction.

You need to make a change in your lifestyle not just go on a diet. The reason that you need to change your lifestyle because if you keep eating the way you are not working out for you are more than likely to die younger then if you didn’t do those things. People who were bigger 10 to have a lot lower of lifespans. So if you don’t want to die early then you need to make a lifestyle change. This change is going to require you to alter what you eat daily and to have a workout schedule.

These two things are going to help you be able to lose 100 pounds over time.

As for what you should eat I’m going to give you a couple simple foods that you can stick to that going to drastically help you lose weight quickly. These foods are white meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and salads. You only eat those foods, which I know it might be difficult, you are going to lose a good amount of weight alone without having to do anything else.

I don’t advise cannot do anything else because if you’re working out well combined eating healthy that you’re going to see some phenomenal results. As for working out, I could literally write a book about this. But what you should know is that about 30 minutes of cardio every day followed by 20 or 30 minutes of strength training can really do wonders.

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